Terms and Conditions

Please Read Completely..

  1. ZIELONE is ONLY a Service provider. We do not operate vehicle services on our own.
  2. In order to provide a comprehensive choice of vehicles, we have tied up with many vehicle operators.
  3. The user shall pay the Vehicle fare as displayed in the meter by cash.
  4. We ensure complete transparency in our pricing and estimates. No surprises after you complete your trip.
  5. The User agrees and acknowledges that the use of the services offered by ZIELONE is at the sole risk of the User. ZIELONE disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind, whether express or implied as to condition, suitability, quality, merchantability and fitness of the services offered by ZIELONE. The liability of ZIELONE is excluded fully as permitted by law.
  6. Without prejudice to the above, ZIELONE makes no representation or warranty that:
    1. The service shall meet user requirements.
    2. The service shall be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.
  7. By accepting the terms and conditions the user accepts that ZIELONE may send the alerts to the mobile phone number provided by the user while registering for the service or to any such number replaced and informed by the user.
  8. The user acknowledges that the alerts will be received only if the mobile phone is in ‘On’ mode to receive the SMS. If the mobile phone is in ‘Off’’ mode then the user may not get / get after delay any alerts sent during such period.
  9. The user cannot hold ZIELONE liable for non-availability of the service in any manner whatsoever.
  10. ZIELONE shall not be responsible for any non-delivery, delayed delivery or distortion of the alert in any way whatsoever.
  11. The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ZIELONE and the SMS service provider including its officials from any damages, claims, demands, proceedings, loss, cost, charges and expenses whatsoever including legal charges and attorney fees which ZIELONE and the SMS service provider may at any time incur, sustain, suffer or be put to as a consequence of or arising out of
    • misuse, improper or fraudulent information provided by the user,
    • the user providing incorrect number or providing a number that belongs to that of an unrelated third party, and/or
    • the user receiving any message relating to the reservation number, travel itinerary information, booking confirmation, modification to a ticket, cancellation of ticket, change in vehicles schedule, delay, and/or rescheduling from ZIELONE and/or the SMS service provider.
  12. By accepting the terms and conditions the user acknowledges and agrees that ZIELONE may call the mobile phone number provided by the user while registering for the service or to any such number replaced and informed by the user, for the purpose of collecting feedback from the user regarding their travel, the vehicle facilities and/or services of the vehicle operators.
  13. The users shall pay the vehicle rental fare as per the applicable rates and payment. The user shall also pay parking charges, toll-charges, service tax, state tax and any other fee or levy presently payable or imposed hereinafter under applicable law/s for availing the vehicle rental services.
  14. ZIELONE shall be entitled to add, vary or amend any or all of these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion and the user shall be bound by such addition, variation or amendment incorporated/made in these terms and conditions with effect from the date set forth by ZIELONE. The terms and conditions shall be available on ZIELONE's website namely www.zielone.in.
  15. Special services request such as Bell Boys, Sr.citzens, female chauffeurs, wheel chairs etc, may with sole discretion of vehicle vendor, ZIELONE's importance is to provide the said services. In case of failure provide the services, ZIELONE will not be held responsible for the same.
  16. By logging on the Account Access service on ZIELONE's websites, the User/user hereby authorizes ZIELONE and its agents to access third party sites, including that of Banks and other payment gateways, designated by them or on their behalf for retrieving requested information.
  17. While registering, the User will choose a password and the user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and the account. The User is fully responsible for all the activities that may take place whilst using their password or account. It is the duty of the User to notify ZIELONE immediately in writing of any unauthorized use of their password or account or any other breach of security. ZIELONE will not be liable for any loss that may be incurred by the User as a result of unauthorized use of user's password or account, either with or without his/her knowledge. The User shall not use anyone else's password at any time.
  18. The User shall request ZIELONE for any refund/s against the unutilized or 'no show' vehicle booking for any reasons within 24 hours from the hour of departure. Any applicable refunds would accordingly be processed as per the defined policies of ZIELONE. No refund would be payable for any requests made after the expiry of 24 hours as mentioned above and all unclaimed amounts for such unutilized or 'no show' booking shall be deemed to have been forfeited.
  19. The cancellation can be done in accordance with the cancellation policy of ZIELONE.
  20. The user agrees and acknowledge that no refund shall be provided if the cancellation information is received after the reporting time of the vehicle.
  21. If the user after booking the vehicle does not opt for services and this is repeated for more than 4 times and user is not be allowed to book vehicles for a specific period time decided by ZIELONE and the vendor.
  22. Best effort will be made to provide vehicles in good condition.
  23. ZIELONE shall not be responsible of the user baggage getting lost / stolen / damaged.
  24. Insurance cover, if any provided as a part of the service/ product by vehicle operator shall be based on the terms and conditions of the insuring company. The User shall contact the insurance company directly for any claim/s or dispute/s which may arise out of such insurance cover. ZIELONE shall not provide any express or implied undertakings for acceptance of the claims by the insurance company.


ZIELONE maintains this website to provide internet users with general information about Vehicle Service for online hiring. By accessing and browsing the contents of this site, the user understands and accepts that:
ZIELONE makes every effort to make sure that the information it makes available is current and accurate, but it cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information, nor can it guarantee that such information is always up to date.
ZIELONE Services accepts no liability whatsoever for: any loss caused by negligence or otherwise, including without limitation any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential loss, whether in contract or in delict that arises from information made available on these pages and actions, transactions or omissions resulting from this information and you indemnify.
ZIELONE Services accordingly. If in doubt, users should not act on this information without first seeking professional advice. Whilst ZIELONE Services has taken reasonable steps to ensure the integrity of this website, it gives no warranty, whether express or implied, that the site is free of viruses, or any other data or code that has the ability to corrupt or affect your system. Your use of this website is entirely at your own risk and the laws of India govern it and it is subject to the jurisdiction of the India courts. Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this website are subject to intellectual property rights that vest in ZIELONE Services and no one may use the content in web pages.
The links of the ZIELONE Services website identifies resources and links to other websites that would appear useful to our readers. Such references and links do not constitute any endorsement by ZIELONE Services of the products and/or services of those institutions. All information on the products and services, including information about their terms and conditions, and any other information are subject to change without notice. ZIELONE Services keeps all financial information that it records strictly confidential and will not disclose it to any third party that has no right or title to the information.

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